High Class Blade Box

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High Class Blade Box

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The High Class Blade Box has landed!

We packed this kit with 30 of our top 3.5 Colorado and 4.0 Magnum High Class blades plus all the fixings including beads, hooks and clevises needed to build the perfect lure your way. 

Our kit includes: 

  • 30x High Class 3.5 Colorado Blades: Citrus Cyclone, Gisele, Power Ranger, RedRum, Pink Limeade, Copper Tom Brady, Kiwi Kardashian, Iceberg Simpson, Lime Lambo, Louie Leprechaun, Gatchet, Thiccy Vicky, Becky, Tangerine Sky, Gelato Jetski, Brass Tom Brady, Pill Clinton, GMO, Brass OJ, Banana Berry, Thriller, BDE, Caribou Lou, King Kong, Chem Dawg, Runtz, Charizard, Hex Double DAT, Boss Tycoon, Do-Si-Do.
  • 75x High Class Beads: Size 6MM - 15x Red Fire, 15x Orange Neon, 15x Green Chartreuse, 15x Hot Pink, 15x Neon Yellow
  • 7x Owner Stinger Treble Hooks: Size #2 - Three Prong, High Carbon Steel
  • 30x Stainless Steel Stirrup Clevis: 15x Size #3 & 15x Size #4
  • 30x Hollow Beads: Size 1/8 - 15x Polished Brass & 15x Nickel 
  • 1x Durable Blade Box: Adjustable slot dividers with TakLogic technology, durable design. Dimensions: 9 1/8" x 5" x 1 3/8”

 We can't wait to see what you create! Tag @HighClassTackleCo on Instagram, Facebook or TikTok